Small Business Owners...

Stop spending much time and money on low quality tire-kicker clients 

who never value  what you do...

Get 5-10 New High Value Clients,

In Less Than 90 Days

With ZERO avertising costs

"So you can create the money, freedom and happiness you deserve

for you and your loved ones."

The only proven 3 phase roadmap in the world that gets you introduced to a perpetual flow of the very best clients 

before your competition gets a look in.

''It's like having your own high value client generating conveyor belt working for you 24/7"

 This strategy targets high value clients who have the potential to transform your business...

  • Takes little or no time to set up
  • Brings you more and more clients the more you use it
  • Gets you more of the right kind of clients
  • Say goodbye to expensive advertising 
  • Predictable no or low cost - high value client generation

Let me show you how to get your best clients to be your best sales people for free & how you can turn your business into a high value client generating machine.

Founder of the 30 Day Referrals Challenge

You've probably heard it a hundred times. Your existing clients are far more profitable than new clients. But noone has a real and lasting strategy that shows you HOW to leverage the existing trust from your clients to get introduced to other high value clients.

That's what this strategy does. It turns exising clients into raving fans who go out and get you more clients.

I founded the popular 30 day referrals challenge  5 years ago, to  help small businesses create  free new and untapped business.  It worked, but there were are few things I didn't realise I had in place, that made what most people call "referral marketing", work 10 times better.

 So I then created the High Value Client Generating Mastery roadmap, to plug this gap,l and show small business owners how to get other people to introdcue you to very best clients , even while you sleep. The shortcut in time, money and energy this brings you is enormous. When you see how this 'borrowed trust' from existing clients creates easy to close, high value - low cost clients, you'll never look at client generation in the same way again. Because quite simply, this turns you into the "go-to authority" in your niche.

What else can I do for you?

Group Monthly Coaching

Monthly group coaching calls with the aim of giving you unique strategies that will grow your business safely and fast

One-to-One Calls

Need a quick fix call to create a new strategy fast? Hop on a call one-to-one for a new and fresh approach for you generating new business 

Super Group 

Our Super Group is by invite only and consists of a group of likeminded action arientated business owners who are committed to taking their business to over 7 figures. Apply inside

" after spending a little over an hour consulting with Steve,  he clearly identified new avenues for profit  to work on in my business and told me exactly how to do it. Not just that, he made me feel very confident as well. The end result? A new £18,000.00 contract with much more in the pipeline! Outstanding. Thank you :)"

Gillian Walton, Purple Skies Ltd, UK

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