FREE Video: How To Create Viral Business Growth Using The ‘Viral³ Formula’

The Viral³ Formula is an excpetionally fast way to grow your business.

In fact, there are only 3 ways to grow your business. Any business. And I can prove it as well.

However when you combine these 3 ways to grow your business, the results become non-linear and and profit margins increase almost virally.

Whether you are online or offline. Or whether you are long established or just starting out. Marketing yourself in this way can be incredibly lucrative.

How To Grow Your Business Effectively

The Viral³ is incredibly simple, however when you start looking at all aspects of your business in this way, growing your business becomes much easier, faster and more profitable.

This strategy/ philosophy is SO important, because it shows you EXACTLY where to put your time and energy in order to achieve the success you want,

Master this strategy and I can guarantee you will create a hyper successful and profitable business to rival even the marketing pros out there

  • No more second guessing results and strategies. With this formula you will be confident knowing you are headed in the right direction for short, medium and long term growth.
  • Stops you wasting time on ‘less profitable’ business development and gets you focusing on the most effective way to generate new business
  • You will become the go-to person in your industry or niche when it comes to generating new business. People will come to you asking exactly how you are doing it.

It is a very bold statement I make above saying I can guarantee your success if you follow this. But it is a fact.

And I’m going to prove it to you.

There is a FREE video below so you can see for yourself how to apply this Viral³ Formula for yourself.

All you need is one A4 sheet of paper and a pen.

Even if at the moment you don’t think you are that great at thinking of ideas, I can promise that can all change in the blink of an eye…

When you truly understand this formula, your thinking about business will be forever changed. You will be considered by others as ‘the person to go to’ if you want to know how to make more money in your business.

And it WILL work for nay business. Because it has to.  And you will see why as you read on it.

How I Learned This  Formula To Grow Business

Many of you know my story by now…

Before I learned this philosophy of business, I had been bankrupt and lost my home. All because of how I was running my own business.

I cannot tell you how devastating it is to lose your home and your dream of being a successful business person all inside of a few months… and worse, having to tell you partner, that because of me, our home is gone.

It took a lot of grit, courage and determination for me to pull my shoes back on and get back out to work to earn a crust even… let alone build a business again.

I think martial arts was a great leveller for me in this respect. It teaches you to dig deep when you are struggling and to have faith that difficult times pass. Because they always do.

I do believe it is in our blood though. You either want to own and grow a business or you do not.

I am definitely not putting anyone down who doesn’t want to own a business. You need to really want it.

And you need a different set of skills and a lot of inner resolve to move forward when the sh*t hits the fan too, as it will do at some pointed in your own career.

But that is where I went wrong

My skill set was this:

  • Big heart
  • Nice guy
  • Hard working

That’s it!

Nothing else.

Me Naively trying to grow my business










No qualifications. No management experience ( I started at age of 19). Nothing. Commendable as these qualities are, they don’t fix a sickly business strategy.

After losing my home many moons ago, I was in a bad way in many ways.

I was literally too dumb to realise there was a ‘better way’ of doing things.

I simply copied and followed what everyone else was doing to get business and ‘hoped’ that people would suddenly flock to me after they see how great I am and success would follow…

Well, as you also probably realise by now…

… that is NOT how it goes in real life.

If the best business people, companies, politicians and employees always reaped the best rewards, life would be great wouldn’t it?

But life doesn’t happen like that.

I hadn’t learned ANY business skills. From anyone. Nothing. Nada,

So, when everything went south (meaning badly wrong), I decided to try and learn from the best I  was aware of atthe time. I spent time researching who was ‘reportedly’ the best as teaching businesses how to grow.

Most people I looked into didn’t seem to “feel right” to learn from, which was a little frustrating. I wasn’t interested in complicated systems which weren’t easily measurable.

Whatever I was going to learn had to stand on it’s own 2 feet.








Then up came the name of Jay Abraham.

Jay back then used to charge $8000 an hour (now it is $50,000 to see if he ‘wants’ to work with you) so I figured if he is charging this, he must be good right?

(I told you I was naïve!)

… AND Jay was in London in 2 months time for a seminar.

So, a friend who for some strange reason still had faith in me, loaned me £3000 (about $8000 back then).

This was a huge amount of money for me back then. It was enough for a deposit on a new home which I had just lost.

This is where naivety and lack of business savvy went in my favour….

… it simply didn’t occur to me that this might not be the answer I was looking for. I thought because other people said it would sort out my business problems, it MUST be true, mustn’t it?

I borrowed the money and kept quiet about the price of the seminar.

It turned out to be the best decision I could have made.

And I am forever grateful to that friend for believingand having faith in me and allowing me to borrow the money…

… when I had lost all faith in myself!

Bless you from the bottom of my heart.

The Business Generating Seminar

As a green, unaffected, non-indoctrinated newbie in business I lapped up the information at this seminar like a thirsty lion, raring to get going again. Never even contemplating that the advice could possibly be unsuitable for me.

Well, the advice wasn’t unsuitable.

Quite the opposite as it happens…

The results were almost instantly spectacular.

Working Smarter, NOT harder, creates the best results










From where the business was before bankruptcy when we were making decent money, I had on my own with no help, 4 x’d my profit and doubled the turnover.

To be precise, 403% extra profit. Real profit.

And I did this from a standing start, with nothing to my name again.

There were a few powerful strategies I put in place as well, however, there was something far more powerful going on which I learned from Jay

It was a business growth mindset philosophy

I am not saying this to brag or ‘look’ great to you.

That is not what I am about. It is simply to show you how an incredible green business rookie who had no contacts and no money, with a simple and PROVEN effective strategy, went out and turned everything around in less than 60 days.

And no, this is not pie-in-the-sky.

I am talking a roadmap with a strategy to create real and measurable results. This is a powerful business growth philosophy that anyone can understand…

And when we learn the Viral³ Formula business becomes more effortless and  the results become non-linear.

The resutls are similar to that graph you may have seen at school that is low on one corner on the left and very quickly and very steeply goes up faster and faster up to the right-hand side.

non-linear business growth








This is a very real analogy of this philosophy in action.

Again, it is extremely simple. But please don’t let that fool you. We all fall into the trap of overcomplicating things. We think to grow our business and be successful, we must try the latest ‘tricks’ and ‘shiny objects’

It was Albert Einstein who famously said: “Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler”

This is one of those strategies that is as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Viral³ Business Generation -Only 2 Steps.

All you need is an A4 sheet of paper, a pen, and a calculator.

This is definitely worth the few minutes (literally) of easy effort it will take to generate this level of clarity.

Step 1. Work out what the lifetime value of a client/customer is. i.e.  Profit.

For ease we are going to keep this at 5 years. Feel free to change this as you wish. You’ll see why.

You needn’t over complicate this.

If you have 100 clients who spend approximately $1000 in a year, and then, spend $150 a year for the following 4 years (5 years in total)

Then each new customer/client is worth: $1600 profit.

So now when you see a customer in front of you, see them with a $1600 sticker on there head.

Business person with lifetime value sticker on their head
















Simple enough so far?

Make it simple. This is an average customer.

When you have done this, more on to the next step…

Step 2 – Get an A4 sheet of paper like below.















Draw 3 lines across the page and put a box at the end

Write inside the lines in this order:

  • Amount of clients (A)
  • Lifetime value of clients (B)
  • Total lifetime value of clients (C)

Then draw 3 columns below

  • Increase in volume
  • increase in spend
  • Increase in frequency of spend
So in the above example you have:
  • Clients (A) 100
  • Lifetime value of client (B) $1600
  • Total lifetime value of clients (C) = $160,000

You are simply timesing 100 by 1600 to get $160,000

The Viral³ Formula Unleashes

Now this is where the magic begins…

  • If you improve your volume of clients by only 15%
  • And you increase the amount they spend by 25%
  • And you increase how often they spend by 25%

Then your profit is now $287,500

That is an extra $127,500 in pure profit for a small amount of extra clients

AnotherViral³ Example

Now this is where the magic goes viral…

  • If you improve your volume of clients by only 25%
  • And you increase the amount they spend by 50%
  • And you increase how often they spend by 35%

Then your profit is now $ $405,000

This is an extra $ $345,000 extra profit

Or 215% extra profit.

… again for very little effort! Just a different way of thinking and optimising your business.

Yes this is simplified. Deliberately.

It is for illustration purposes only.

However, when you put more exact numbers in to the Viral³ Formula, exactly the same thing happens.

FREE Viral³ Video

Below is a video to explain this simple concept. Take a look.

May I suggest watch this with the intention to teach. What I mean by this is imagine you go in to work next day and you have to explain this to other people. You have to seel the idea.

See how this applies to your own business. See what you can think of that will get you wharp-drive results for yourself.

My goal for this post is to demonstrate in a real and proven way how you can grow your business much faster in a viral-like way, without needing spend a ton of money on client acquisition.

How To Apply The Viral³ Formula To Grow Your Business In Real Terms

So we know that non-linear growth is best. We have demonstrated it.

This is where your entrepreneurial head starts to ‘think outside the box’ and differently (better) than you competitors who still insist on expensive “one-way-client-acquisition” tactics to grow.

Allow me to give you a few ideas.

How to get clients to spend more

Offer Bolt-Ons

For example. You are a plumber and you know the average spend is $350 for a reactive job.

  • Offer a slightly discounted price to service a boiler whilst you are there. Say $200
  • Or offer to do a water test to test that water is safe $ 200

If only 20% of people take you up on these then you are making an extra $40 on average per spend per client.

This instantly makes you an extra 11% for no extra advertising outlay.

What can you bolt on to what you offer?

Offer upsells

  • Offer a product that is slightly more money (justifiably)

In our own tests we found that when we offered an upsell on an antenna installation, on average  60% of people took the offer.

And it made us an extra 20% pure profit for zero extra time or cost.

What can you offer to upsell?

Offer downsells

People often miss this one.

  • Sell a lower priced but relevant product

If are a selling a $1000 coaching program and you can add something like a personalised manual and CD for $100, you have increased the spend by 10%

There are lots of ‘little’ things that when you run through the Viral³ Formula can dramatically ramp up the profits.

Lower Client Acquisition Costs

  • Lower your cost to acquire new clients

Customers and clients are becoming more and more expensive to acquire. This isn’t going to get any easier or less expensive.

An example of zero cost client acquisition.

Referral marketing is known to have zero cost and a higher lifetime value per client. (they stay on average an extra 18 months longer). They are also less price conscious.

So when it costs less to acquire a new clients…

The lifetime value of those clients goes up (because they cost less to acquire there is more profit margin)

Continuity Programs

I love continuity programs.

Big business has only been starting to wake up to this lucrative model comparatively recently.

For example:

Dollar Shave club sells men razors (and recently razors targeted at women apparently) on a monthly basis. They have done the maths on it and know the lifetime value of a client.

Microsoft now charge annually for their software. You used to be able to buy just the DVD with the software on.

Quickbooks accounting software now charges monthly. They know once you are on board with them it is a time consuming pain in the preverbial to move to another provider.

So they make more money more regularly and have a long lifetime value of a client.

A personal example.

One business I owned installed antennas.

We decided to target hotels for a continuity type program, we would rent them TVs that they paid us monthly for.

We worked out that if we gave them say 70 Tvs and installed them all, it would take us 14 months to break even.

The contract was for a minimum of 2 years…

So we knew we had profit locked in.

However, most of these clients used us for 4 years. Some up to 10 years.

The money simply came rolling in whilst we were asleep, for nearly zero effort. Month after month, year after year…

What can you put in place that has a continuity aspect to it?

Now it is over to you again

Please pull up your sheet again.

Now add in the columns any ideas.

For example

Increase volume of new clients column
  • Get referrals
  • Get sales person
  • Public speaking
Increase Spend Column
  • Upsell
  • Downsell
  • Bolt-Ons
Increase Frequency of spend
  • Continuity program
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • After care
Here is an example for you again.

You can even have scruffy handwriting like mine. The results will be the same. 🙂


In your own sheet you can put in ideas into the column that you think is appropriate like I have.

Let your creative juices flow.

Don’t censor yourself.

See what you come up with.


  • See how much extra lifetime value,
  • how much extra money you can get people to spend and
  • how much more regulalry you can get them to spend

It goes without saying, this must be honest-goodly value for your client.

  1. Brainstorm things that are proven to work for no, or very little money down – Like referral marketing.
  2. Give yourself an attainable goal. Start small. Where can you get quick wins right now?
  3. Then run it through the formula yourself.

What results do you come out with?

Power Actions

Then if you need to, explain this strategy to other people who you need to get on board with this.

… and go make Viral³ work virally for you.

Put any ideas you have into the comments section here. I may be able to add help add something that helps as well.

I love to hear about your gains and insights. Also any questions you might have. Please comment below. I always  try and read everyone’s comment.

By Steven Cole

Steve Cole, also known as Barefoot Steve, the 'Referral Guy and 'The Business Generator', His passion is helping small business owners scale their business with simple, often low or no cost strategies that take very little time. Steve has built 6 different businesses with some up to 7 figures, all from the ground up. The strategies Steve shows are very direct and proven to work in the 'real-world' of business for himself and his clients. So any strategy, techqnique or philosophy he demonstrates, is based on real and measurable results. Everything he shows is steeped in integrity, so you can be assured that not only will this stuff work you, but it also aligns with your own values too. So you get ahead of your competition, your customers and clients will love what you do, and, you also get to feel great too.

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