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Generating new business is an essential skill you must have if you are going to create a successful business that makes you money…

The problem for most of us is, we have ‘many different hats’ we have to wear. We need to have marketing skills, accountancy skills, our natural skills, operations skills, brandking skills. It is a massive time- challenging learning curve…

And we often have very little time to dedicate to getting the ‘right kind’ of profitable business through our door.

We never seem to be able to devote the time we need to really crank things up a notch or two to make a lot more money, and, to make things easier.


We simply don’t have the skills. And that is ok too. It is normal for all of us.

You may be one of those people also, who have started a business with massive experience in your field of expertise, and, next to no experience in building a business.

The fact is, without a steady stream of business coming in, you are almost definitely doomed to failure. And all your hard work and effort in creating a successful business is gone…

This post will help you if you you fall into any of these categories. And it will also help you if you simply want to attract more of the best kind of business. If you want to maximise your marketing and sales potential for very little effort.

If you want to:

  • Generate the best kind of business.
  • Get more business to come to you
  • Get more customers and clients selling for you on your behalf (for FREE)

Then this post and the FREE Special Report below could be the ‘lucky break’ you have been waiting for

In the special report below I reveal a simple 5-10 second sentence that even the most introverted person who has never sold anything in their lives before, can use to easily generate new business.

Jay Abraham, the most expensive marketing consultant in the world was one day asked:

If you had only one form of marketing you could do, what would that be?

The answer?

“Endorsed Referral Marketing.”

When asked why, he responded:

“ because you are leveraging other peoples’ networks and trust which makes the sale really easy.

They are less price conscious, buy more, buy more often, spend less time in the sales cycle and are much more likely to refer you to others as well..Also, if the person you ask for the referral from is a great client, then their network are more likely to be great too. This saves you a whole load more time and makes you a whole load more money…”

For A Lot Of Us Consistently Generating New Business Can Be A Struggle

Anyone who has been in business for long enough knows what a struggle it can be to get in new business. It can be really hard work!

Why hard work?

It can be hard work for quite a few reasons and here are just a few.

  • Getting the right type of new clients in can be very time consuming
  • Getting new clients can be very expensive
  • Getting your message across and understood fully can be really challenging
  • You may not have marketing skills and yet you are the one who is responsible for getting new business in
The pain of trying to generate new business

However one of the biggest challenges to getting new business in is:

Getting new clients who ‘are ideal’ is probably the hardest thing of all!

Ideal New Clients

We have all had the penny-pinchers who suck the last penny and the very lifeblood out of you. Even worse, these clients always seem to be the ones who are never happy no matter how much you do for them!

Getting ideal clients in that we can really make a difference to, and, who we can earn lots of money from, can be incredibly challenging.

You want clients who are going to spend the money, be easy to manage, and, recognise the value you offer.

Alignment – the unspoken gift

I call this alignment. You know you the kind of clients you can best serve and help, and, you also know who can best make a difference financially to your business.

And yet, often, these ideal clients remain elusive

That is because at the higher levesl of business, a lot of business is done by referral or word of mouth. This has been happening for millenia.


To be the number #1 go-to person in your niche you must be referred.

So Why Do Most People Not Simply Ask For Referrals?

There are a few reasons in my opinion and also according to various proven studies.

Referrals In The 70’s – Bullish & Aggressive

People for years have been taught the old 1970’s bullish and aggressive way to ask for referrals.

“just ask”, or:

“say that if they want to work with you they have to refer you to at least 5 different people” or an even worse version:

It is a prerequisite that if you work with me you must give me at least 3 referrals, or, I will no longer work with you”

If someone said that to you how would you feel?

You might feel pushed, bullied, harrassed, angry, upset maybe even violated that someone can take your integrity so lightly! Simply put, this approach fails in so many ways, and, often loses any rapport a client had beforehand

…so definitely DO NOT do this! You will lose clients.

Personal Reasons People Don’t Ask For Referrals

  • Fear!
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of looking needy
  • Fear of looking silly
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of damaging a good relationship

The list goes on and on, but the primary reason is always: Fear!


Fear you may or may not know is an acronym for:

False evidence appearing real

And the acronym is often used in coaching circles. However, if the way people have been taught to ask for referrals is like back in the 1970’s, then is it any wonder?

Relationships in business and asking for referrals the wrong way

Relationships in business are everything and have the potential to open huge doors for us. Getting those doors to open can be challenging. Going up to what you perceive as an ideal client and saying “ I will work with you if you introduce me to your family so that I can sell to them even if they don’t want what I offer or have not expressed an interest in it, is damaging and will probably ruin your relationship!

Relationships in business and asking for referrals the right way

Now imagine this for a moment….

You are in front of a great client who is delighted with what you have given them.

You have already done your research to see who they are connected with and you can see that there a quite a few people that you feel will be an ideal fit for you.

It is like having a natural conversation!

You are talking about what has been achieved and you can literally see them light up slightly from the inside. You can see gratitude written all over their faces.

You then lead them in a natural and very gentle way to a conversation about giving you referrals so that others can experience what they have experienced.

Your client naturally wants to reciprocate and you go through some names you have thought of and some that they have thought of.

Is this real?

Yes – Because this is exactly how I got referrals for all of my businesses and it works incredibly well. Equally importantly your client relationship is maintained and your integrity remains intact.

This is how you CAN (safely) ask for referrals!

This is how referrals should be done! Not the old 1970’s aggressive greedy ‘me me me’ way financial institutions used to (and do still sometimes!).

No awkwardness, no sleazy hypy pushy or embarrasing sales conversations.

Now I was lucky!

So who am I?

My name is Steven Cole and I have built 6 different profitable businesses over a 30 year period via strategic referral and endorsed referral marketing.

In other words, I am not a ‘self proclaimed guru’. I have been at the coal face of business and understand some of the challenges we all face as entrepreneurs and small business owners!


I was actually mentored by Jay over 25 years ago alongside his own inner circle on how to ask for referrals and how to use them strategically. The story how his happened and I got his information for free, is a long one and one I may write about another time.

Suffice to say I think Jay saw this young lanky go-getter who was absolutely clueless (I only ever used to advertise back then!), and, it must have touched something in him. And like a lot of successful people my perception is he has a big heart – at least he did for me!

Maybe also the fact that I had just lost my home whilst struggling to get enough business on to survive even (that is a story for another post).

I was directly given days of strategies that he said ” would transform you business and your luck”

Over $50,000 of mentoring …

Because Jay is (and was) the highest paid marketing consultant in the world who now charges $50,000 for a 30 minute conversation to see if he wants to work with you (I kid you not)

My Results?

  • 207% growth in 60 days!
  • 409% extra free profit

207% growth in only 60 days and perhaps even more staggering was the fact that profit went up by over 409%!

Staggering yet true!

… and this happened in one of the deepest recessions in recent history.

Simple Effective Strategies

I was told to “get existing clients to market and sell for you. Leverage their good will and trust in an honest way. You will be shcoked at how effective this will be”

He wasn’t wrong as the above results show.

But what did shock me was how simple this was!

Before I learned this strategy of asking for others to generate business for me, I was never able to speak to the right people. There was always some excuse,

Now, they often come to me, or, when I call, with rare exceptions, they take my call, and, are open to listening to what I have to say.

This is because of the ‘T-word. Trust. Trust generated by the client who refers you, makes any business conversation more like chatting with someone you already know. And…

3 things I talk about in the Special Report below which is more advanced…

  • the R-Affect.
  • Priming.
  • Borrowed trust

Together, these 3 things almost compel people to refer you to others. And yet at it’s most simple form it takes literally only seconds to do.

When you know how to do this effectively, you will literally end up creating more and more unexpected sales as time goes on.

Imagine for a moment you have a previous client who is having a conversation from someone they know who is in a related industry.

This person mentions they need what you offer.

Your previous client then tells this potential prospect all about you and what you do. How great you were and how they should use you too!

What do you think the chances are then, that this client will contact you?

Very high I would imagine!

This is what this strategy can do for you and the first stage of this is what I call the “Barefoot Shoelace Method.”

And it is 100% honest, ethical and will fit with your values

So how can YOU get more people to willing sell for you for free?

There actually is a great solution for you right now…

…and it is genuinely free!

I call it the Shoelace Method because it takes so little time to do anyone can do it (literally!) It takes as long to use the Shoelace Method as it does to tie a shoe lace.

“I taught my son how to do this when he was 6”

He remembered it and in his current job uses it all the time to get free new business)

If you have 5-10 seconds spare, even with zero sales skills, you can use this strategy to big affect.

  • Generates new business for free (by getting clients to sell for you)
  • Stops you losing business unnecessarily to competitors
  • Allows you to charge more for what you do (because of the higher level of trust that is created)
  • Creates a consistent self generating stream of new business

…and it does all this for zero money down.

This generates new business right off the bat. However, there is also another big benefit to the Shoelace Method…

It sets the stage for more advanced referral strategies you to be THE go-to person introduced to the kind of business that can catapult you into the success lane of business.

Simply click on the link below and learn how to generate new business for only 5-10 seconds effort. And no money down.

>>>Your FREE Barefoot Shoelace Method Download<<<

I am not sure how long this is free for as we are trialling it as a lead generator for a short amount of time. This may or may not be free when you come back to this page.

So I strongly urge you to download this right now whilst you can. I promise you won’t regret it.

Barefoot Shoelace Method FREE Download


If this has been of value to you please do leave a comment.

It is appreciated and share this post with your friends and colleagues who might also benefit from getting more highly profitable business in a way that that is exceptionally easy and keeps your values and integrity intact.

Thank you for reading.

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