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Your 20 Year Shortcut to Success:
"Uncover the diamonds in your business
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 Direct Response Marketing Strategies 
PROVEN to ramp up your results in 60 days or less
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"From frustration and stuckness in business, to joy, freedom and true success"

Powerful Strategies

Powerful business strategies needn't cost a fortune or be hard to put in place. Nearly all business miss out on profit potential because they cannot see the profit potential inside their business. They are too close to it. Uncover the diamonds in your own business.

Strategic Referral Strategies

The best business often comes from relationships. How to ethically and honestly leverage your relationships and gain new ones that add rocket fuel to your success strategies and your profit margins.

Leveraged Profit

Focus only on the most effective predictable ways tthat get you most and best kind of business.  Get more time & money for less effort.

Latest Success Mindset Strategies

To be successful you need to think successful. You need to 'be' it. Success mindest training borne out of 30 years of research that creates success 5 X faster. (in ways which are natural and have integrity.

Grow Your Business For More Profit in Less Time. Strategies That Will Leave Your Competitors Wondering How Your Are Doing It!

If you want more success in your business and in life, you need to create winning strategies that are proven to work and that make you the #1 go to person in your niche.

Doing the same things as everyone else will get you the same results as everyone else. If you are happy with the results you are getting congratulations. I genuinely applaud you.

If you are at a sticking point and want to ramp up your results with strategies that will leave the competition womndering how you are growing so fast, and so profitably...

...then you need to be shown direct response marketing strategies.

Quite simply, direct response marketing strategies are PROVEN measurable strategies that make your marketing 10%,20%, 100% or more effective almost overnight. Take the guesswork and hoping for new business away. Create leveraged provable and measurable results that allow you to predictably grow your business safely and effectively.

When you combine a few proven direct response strategies together in the right combination, the results can be truly  mind-blowingly.

The strategies inside are a 20 year shortcut to your lasting joy and success.

My Goal For You

The goal for me and this site, is for you to create more joy, freedom and success in your business faster than you ever imagined. It is to help you unloeash your 'inner genius' so that you can fulfil your business dreams faster, and as such, leave a greater legacy.

This is the meaning of barefoot business and the barefoot business logo. A tribe of incredible people coming together for each other to create success and leave our own positive footprint in the sand.

The MOST Important Way To Start The Day...

Start The Day Inspired 

Start the day feeling  great!

Start your day inspired. Feel  great. Be super produtive for great results.

Simple powerful leveraged strategies that create more freedom and money